Boost IT efficiency,
Save hours of operational work.

The Boundless Platform fully integrates with Cisco Meraki infrastructures to eliminate repetitive and error-prone manuals operations.
Boundless makes IT management more efficient, saving you time and money.

Get more done, in less time

Effortless multi-site administration  

Automate hundreds of time-consuming IT operations, from network to guest WiFi management
Centralize your Network Management, Captive Portal, Analytics and Security applications in one single platform
Manage all your networks from a web-based dashboard, accessible from anywhere (perfect for WFH environments)

Simplified IT operations

Cloud-to-cloud integration with Cisco Meraki
Extremely intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with enterprise-grade security and account management tools
Integrates advanced network deployment, configuration, monitoring and auditing applications

Advanced automated workflows

Save you tons of hours by deploying your networks in batches using the drag and drop builder
Get more flexibility when configuring networks and applying bulk changes by using the exclusive FlexTemplates
Eliminate human error, reduce downtime and accelerate troubleshooting by using no-code workflow automation tools


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A unique off-the-shelf network management platform


Boundless Guest

Configure and manage Guest WiFi access across multiple networks in no time, and with less effort.


Boundless Logs

Securely collect and store traffic logs on the cloud for compliance with legal regulations.


Boundless Analytics

Get real-time customizable analytics from your physical venue through camera or Wi-Fi technologies, in compliance with data protection regulations.


Boundless Guest Security

Configure and deploy a company-compliance security policy across Guest WiFi networks in full autonomy.


Boundless Automation

Improve network manageability and optimize operational performance thanks to an advanced network automation solution, fully integrated with Cisco Meraki.


Boost IT Efficiency.
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