Get granular network access control to the Meraki dashboard

Boundless Access Control lets you create granular permission levels, and select the exact menus and pages your users can able to access on the Meraki dashboard.

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Boundless Access Control platform
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Minimize the chance for
networking risks and errors

Keeping things simple often requires limiting options. This is the case for Meraki's role-based access levels, whose limited granularity could eventually result in:
Data breach - users can get unauthorized access to sensitive data.
Network breakage - users can perform unpermitted changes by mistake.
With Boundless Access Control you can mitigate these risks by choosing the exact menus a user is authorized to view and modify, and restricting access everywhere else.
user accessing Meraki dashboard

Delegate access to your Meraki networks
easily and reliably

Meraki dashboard restricted access permissions

Let your users safely navigate the Meraki dashboard

Your users can now connect to the Meraki dashboard using Boundless credentials. Our web extension app will enforce the designated restrictions and limit access to just the sections you've autherized them to.
Access control custom permission lists

Assign the Access Control Lists to your Meraki users

Select the user or group of users to which you'd like to enforce restricted access. This could be your tier 1 team, MSP clients,  external providers, etc.
Access control bulk user management

Create your custom Access Control Lists (ACL)

Determine which dashboard sections or menus will be accessible for one or multiple organizations, networks or Meraki templates. Create as many ACLs as you need based on your user base roles and responsibilities.

Explore Boundless Access Control

See how Boundless Access Control can help you delegate access to your users with confidence.

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