Tales from
Meraki Sales

Spooky Edition

Hello Meraki folks!
Welcome back to a new edition of Tales of Meraki Sales! This volume gathers some of the most terrifying moments in the life of a Meraki Sales. Enjoy the ride and happy Halloween!

1. When your manager announces your H1 quota.

2. You’re killing the demo call but the dashboard suddenly freezes.

Eleven Stranger Things

3. When the prospect is very happy with the product but the execs suddenly ask for budget cuts.

4. The customer leadership team begins negotiations for a discount.

5. When a prospect asks if it's possible to match Ubiquiti’s price.

6. When Paul, the customer's CTO says: “We’re postponing our new HQ project to next fiscal year”.

7. The partner who's processing the order doesn't answer to my emails or calls.

8. You’re on the verge of closing and the prospect raises another objection.

9. Reaching out to close deals at the end of quarter.

10. The instinctive reaction when a customer keeps asking for a new dashboard feature.

BONUS: When you no longer have to worry about meeting your quota because you have Boundless on your side.